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What's In The Bag?

Ever wondered which clubs all the best PGA Tour players are playing right now? is the internet database for golf nerds who want to see the golf clubs and equipment that are in the bags of PGA Tour pros right now.

Most Popular Brands on Tour:
#1 Titleist
#2 Callaway
#4 TaylorMade
#5 Srixon
#6 Mizuno
#7 PXG
#8 Cleveland
#9 Cobra
#10 Wilson

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Explore by Club Type:
Drivers 48 models tracked
Irons 100 models tracked
Hybrids 25 models tracked
3-woods 51 models tracked
Wedges 70 models tracked
Putters 133 models tracked
Golf Balls 14 models tracked
Grips 133 models tracked
Shafts 381 models tracked


I’m what most people would call a “Golf Nerd”. I love playing golf, watching golf, working on my golf swing, and nerding out golf equipment. Fortunately I’m alive during a time where information is so readily available for nerds like me and where I can satisfy nearly all my curiosities about golf and golf equipment with a simple Google search. Nowadays there are a number of websites that publish articles that cover PGA Tour pros and “What’s In The Bag” (or “WITB” as it’s often shortened to), which give you a real insider’s view into the clubs and equipment the Tour pros are playing each week. But I have found one particular problem with a lot of this information: it’s not stored and presented in a consistent, standardized format or database. So it’s not trivial to answer what should be trivial questions like:

  • Which Tour pros play Mizuno irons? (Find out)
  • What’s the most popular Driver brand on Tour? (Find out)
  • I know that Justin Thomas plays with Titleist muscle-back blades, but who else does? (Find out)
  • So on a whim, I decided to start reformatting and logging this information for the top golfers into my own database. The result of that work is now made available to anyone at -- think of it like an IMDB for PGA Tour players’ golf clubs and equipment. So follow me down the wormhole!